One of the Enchanting jewels of the Valencian Community and just 20 minutes away from Valencia, you will find Sagunto, a big town with tons of history that will keep you amazed when you put a foot in it. You can travel to Sagunto by Cercanias Renfe train, bus or car if you take the V-21.


As soon as you stepintothis marvelous townyouwill seetheSaguntoCastle. Its locatedon the top on a hill and it was used by Romans to protect their territory. It was declared a National Monument on 1931. if you go by car you have to park onthebottompart andthen goupbyfoot.Asyougoup, youwill findtheColiseum,whichis very excitingtoseebecause you feel you are in Gladiator and if youuseyour imagination, youcanhear theyellingof the Roman Circus on a Sunday afternoon. The castle is dividedin6Plazas andyoucanvisit a place with some Tombstones fromthat century,writteninLatinandwithlots of history.From the top you will have a spectacular view of Sagunto, Canet de Berenguer and the Mediterranean, very nice place to take some pictures.

The castle has a free entrance andit’s openedfrom10amto8pm, Monday thruFriday and Weekends and holidays from 10 am to 4 pm.

2. Food

As part of Spain, the Valencian community has a very rich and delicious food. You will be delighted with the local gastronomy Sagunto has to offer: Paellas (all kinds of them: with rabbit, chicken, pork, meat. The Marine one with Shrimps and world famous “gambas”, The caldoso rice, the “meloso” rice made with bogavantes (larger shrimp). Also all types of chorizos, chistorras and all delicious type of fish and seafood. As adessert youcanhavea “coca” which is a type of cake made with wheat and it can be made Salty or Sweet. As a very traditional beverage you can drink a very fresh “Horchata” that is made from “chufa” a tuberculous that can be found in all theValencianterritory.It’s avery refreshingdrink during the hot summer days.

Two of the most recognized restaurants inSaguntowhereyouwill findall this deliciousfood are: Palau del Duc
(Carrer del Castell, 18) and Mirador de Sagunto
(Camino de Lliria, 46)


The people you can find thru all the town are very nice, they can show you around their wonderful town and are always available totalk alittlebit about Saguntoandthe“treasures” it hides.

4. Wine and Cocktails

The Valencian community has three local produced wines (its called denominación de Origen): Alicante province, Utiel-Requena and Valencian. Also in Utiel-Requena they produce Cava (spiritous wine similar to Champagne). All these wines arefoundinSagunto. Also, a typical cocktail is the “Agua de Valencia”
which is preparedwithvodka, gin, sugar, fresh orange juice and cava.

5. Weather

The good thing about about Sagunto is that youcanvisit it duringanytimeof year, wheter is cold or sunny,thereareplenty of activities todo. Its locationis very privilegedbecausehere Winter is not as cold (the most cold I felt was 7or 8degrees C). Onsummer youcanvisit a nearby beach in Canet de Berenguer (declared one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, has a Blue flag).

6. Most famous Events

Sagunto has events and festivals all year around but one of themostamazingevents is the “Moros y Cristianos”
festival which is held in this town during the first weekend of October).
The festival is held to celebrate the battles duringtheReconquer Periodinwhich the Christian Hispanic Reigns recovered their terrains that were held by the Mahometians during the XVII century. During the festival you feel like you travelledbackintime, youcan see the warriors with their typical clothes and armours, parades, battle re-enactments, folcloric Celtic music dances and also they buildupa“Medievaltimes”
Fair whereyoucan find all the food from that time and also seeaHawk,Owl or Birds that youwouldnt seeona typical visit to the local zoo. Its a very joyful party that you wont want to miss out!

7. Tourist Information

If you find yourself lost or simply want a more strict guide of tourism during your visit in Sagunto, you will find the nearest Tourist Information office in: Plaça del Cronista Chabret, s/n, 46500 Sagunto, Valencia
Phone number :962 65 58 59 Hours: Open Monday thru Friday:· 9:30AM–2:30PM, 4–6:30PM








Written by Andrés Felipe Tarazona

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