MEÑAKOZ, the basque paradise of naked lifestyle

The beaches and the secret small bays of Basque Country are amazing, but only the people from the north knows where those beaches are… Meñakoz is the paradise for the nudism and naked lifestyle. Maybe the great blue sea-water or the rocked ground (instead of sand) it’s selected by someones to do reflection and feel serenity outdoors,[…]

BIME PRO and BIME LIVE 2016 in BEC (BIZKAIA), culture, meetings & music

The days 26-27-28th October 2016: BIME PRO / 28-29th October 2016: BIME LIVE BIME PRO is a culture meeting point in Vizcaya, where the professional talks and conferences about music, management and culture takes place. BIME LIVE is a music festival indoors on the pavilion of BEC (Barakaldo, Bizkaia) where the culture is the leading[…]