Ten reasons for not leaving the Camino de Santiago for later

The most famous of all- Camino Frances are in fact 770 kilometers (or 860- including the distance between Santiago and marvelous Finisterre on the coast of Atlantic Ocean) of beauty, diversity, adventures and wonders. The route, situated in the Northen Spain, every year is visited by thousands of people who decide to travel it across[…]

Discovering the charming Rioja Alavesa

La Rioja Alavesa is a region on the Alava province, one of the three provinces of Basque Country, in northern Spain. The capital from this district area is Laguardia, with 11.282 residents. Probably, this region is the most touristic one because of the wine! People get crazy with the tasting and sampling homemade wine of[…]

One day in Antequera and El Torcal

Today, I’m going to present you one of my favorites place in Andalucía… Antequera and El Torcal !! Visiting this part of the country side will allow you to discover a nice little city, a UNESCO prehistoric site and beautiful mountains landscapes. And all this for FREE! You have chosen Malaga for your holydays and you[…]

Six amazing rural tourism places where you can sleep in the deepest Basque Country

Basque Country is the gem of northern Spain, but the tourists that come to visit this incredible green area doesn’t know too much about the best places to sleep in. Because of this needing of the tourism in the north of Spain, last month I was travelling around the deepest districts of Euskadi (also called[…]

THE PINTXOS EXPERIENCE: the best places in Bilbao to eat this little treasures of the typical Basque cuisine

Doubtlessly, Bilbao is the best place in the world to eat the little treasures of the Basque gastronomy: ‘the pintxos’. If we take a look to the dictionary, the meaning of pincho (or pintxo in basque language or northern Spain in general) is a small snack, typically eaten in bars. The pintxos are related to[…]

Después de esto, ¡no podrás despegarte de Málaga!

Comida, playa, arte e historia. Estas son algunas de las atracciones que posee Málaga, ciudad y municipio de España, ubicada en la comunidad de Andalucía. En esta ocasión señalaré por qué no puedes dejar de visitar Málaga en tus próximas vacaciones a Europa, y una vez que la visites, será difícil desprenderte de sus encantos.[…]