Merluza a la Vasca-“hake on green sauce with clams”

How to do hake on green sauce with clams?
With the hot weather on summer it’s not the best thing to be at home cooking near the fire of the kitchen, because of this, is good to know to prepare hake on green sauce, it’s possible to do it in a moment, quickly and easy to do!
There are a lot of recipes with other ingredients to do the hake, like eggs, asparagus or peas, but this recipe there are the basic ingredients for this typical basque dish! If you want to do it more satiating, add more ingredients! Just like you want it! You are your own chef here! 😉

Ingredients for the making of the Hake on green sauce with clams (2 people):
2 fillets of hake, 150 g each one
10-12 clams
1 clove of garlic
1 flour tablespoon
1/2 glass of white wine
1 glass of water

Chop the garlic finely and brown it on a frying pan with a stream of oil. Add the clams with the flour tablespoon and shake the mix. Season the hake fillets and put it in the pan with the skin upwards. Pour a jet of white wine!
Mix the ingredients in the pan and add parsley cut into pieces! Add the water until boil it and cook during around 5 minutes.
Add more parsley or the spices that you prefer; stir it up strongly to bind properly the green sauce for the hake! Serve on the plates straight away!
Enjoy the delicious hake on green sauce with clams!!!

The hake is fresh when his eyes are alive, bulging and sparkling!

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