How to do the basque dessert PANTXINETA?
It’s a traditional cake based on puff pastry stuffed with custard cream and sprinkled with almonds! It’s pretty appropriate for people who needs energy at the end of the lunch and for the sweetest people that love sweet desserts!

Ingredients for the making of Pantxineta (8 people):
2 pastry thin layers
150 gr of almonds
1 egg yolk
3 spoons of powdered sugar
For the custard cream:
1 liter of milk
5 egg whites
150 gr sugar
70 gr refined flour
10 gr butter
Cinnamon stick
Some orange rinds
Some lemon rinds

First, the must have is the custard cream! Warm the milk with some orange & lemon rinds, the cinnamon stick and the butter. Keep it for later!
Put some of that milk in a bowl. Add the sugar and the flour in the mix. Stir it with the wooden or metal bar. Add the egg white and continue shaking!
Pass all the mix with the milk and other ingredients on the casserole pot and shake with energy! When it boils, cook it on a slow burn until it gets consistency. Get it cold in a bowl.
Place one puff pastry thin layer in the baking sheet on the oven covered with baked paper.
Spread over the baking sheet the egg yolk mixed with water. Spread out the custard cream over the pastry.
Put another thin layer, close the edges and put again the surface with egg yolk.
Scatter the almonds above the cake, sprinkle with the half of powdered sugar and bake it in the oven on 160 ºC around 40 minutes.
Sprinkle the rest of powdered sugar and serve the cake warm!

Pantxineta provides you of enough energy to do the activities of normal day without tiredness and with good mood! Perfect dessert for your guests!


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