MEÑAKOZ, the basque paradise of naked lifestyle

The beaches and the secret small bays of Basque Country are amazing, but only the people from the north knows where those beaches are… Meñakoz is the paradise for the nudism and naked lifestyle. Maybe the great blue sea-water or the rocked ground (instead of sand) it’s selected by someones to do reflection and feel serenity outdoors, in the middle of the nature and the sea. Most of the people who goes to Meñakoz (between Sopelana and Barrika) are surfers in search of calm and sunny baths, and others are mountain climbers or easy lovers of the quiet beaches. There is a long way walking (and steep one) from the parking where you can leave your car to the beach of Meñakoz. Mostly advisable but please… keep the secret of this paradise and don’t let the magic of the nature and seaside get lost!

PLACES meñakoz

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